The ultimate aim of the diagnosis

to reach companies in more and more countries around the world

as well as to help national benchmark comparisons, thereby provinding companies operating in a globalised environment with a niche tool. The Enterprise Organization Diagnosis, strives to achieve this through its partners, organization development consultancies. It seeks to build relationships with national consulting firms that would like to be part of this world-class enterprise development system. These national consultancies through exclusive or non-exclusive rights carry out measurements in the language of their country for their own clientele.

The staff of the Operations Service Centre Europe, established in Hungary, will perform the training of new partners and support them. It guarantees data protection, anonymity and security.


Our General Conditions

Our Advisory Partners have
a framework contract

A framework contract can be exclusive or non-exclusive. In case of exclusivity, 25 measurements per year / 10 million population per territory is obligatory (e.g. for exclusivity for a region of 20 million inhabitants, the annual licence fee is charged for 50 measurements at a minimum per year).

Our partners use the Diagnosis tools independently and pay a licence fee per measurement in quarterly aggregate.

The sales price of Diagnosis is freely set by our partners in the region.

The framework contract can be terminated at any time by the local consultancy firm.

There is a payment obligation only for diagnoses carried out (except for exclusive licence contract).

The basic training is organised and paid by Operations Service Centre Europe and there is no extra cost. It is possible to purchase additional training for an extra fee. A detailed description of how to use the Diagnosis is included.

The first three diagnostic measurements are free of charge. This is a discount for training-in and market introduction.

Diagnosis is the basis for most organisational development interventions. The workshops, trainings, coachings, consultancy days that are built on it have no licence obligation.

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