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A research-based organizational measurement system

Enterprise ExcellenceDiagnosis

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The Enterprise Diagnosis
is based on empirical studies

Compares the organizations with the common operations of excellent companies


Innovative Tool

Developed through the integration of international researches it helps organizations to unearth their internal potential and to keep their staff. The results show the organizational efficiency.


Fast and anonymous

The query questionnaire is filled in by the enterprise’s employees in an anonymous representative sample online. The Diagnosis provides a well interpretable dataset within a few weeks. 



It compares the performance of a company with the national standard, industry average, and international standard of certification organizations.


Our motto

„First we have to measure,
to see the way of development.
We cannot develop something
that we cannot measure.”

- Good to Great by Jim Collins -

Based on Jim Collins’ Good to Great model the Diagnosis shows the ability to what extent an organization can work in a way that great enterprises do. The international researches used the operational model of industrial companies with permanently over average performance.
The Enterprise Excellence Diagnosis tool is used by those conscious leaders who are interested in the opinion of employees. Leaders who are interested in the efficiency of their business processes, the employees’ motivation and corporate culture. Targeted developments - based on the quantified results of the survey - contribute to increasing competitiveness and retaining key employees. 

The Power Of Enterprise Diagnosis

Why Is This Diagnosis Unique?



  • efficiency review
  • corporate culture surveys
  • mapping collaboration between organizational units
  • compiling territorial and industry comparisons


HR Managers

  • employee motivation and satisfaction surveys
  • supporting workplace branding processes
  • employer branding
  • Comparison of major organizational units


OD Companies

  • Preparing Of
    OD projects
  • Having an accurate Diagnosis about the
    client company
  • measuring
    what to develop
  • Following up
    OD projects