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Diagnosis Content

Why Is This The Diagnosis Tool Organizations Wish To Apply?

4 standard diagnosis reports are generated from the final dataset supplemented +1 report tailored to your company. The diagnosis studies the organization in 4 areas, 3 dimensions and includes a sociometric approach too, as a result of which the cooperation between the organizational units can also be measured.
Each report contains national benchmark data, if there are already sufficient measurements in the country.

The power of Diagnosis

What Can You Learn From Your Company In 4 Reports?


Diagnosis of Greatness

Based on Jim Collins’ Good to Great model the Diagnosis of Greatness shows the ability to what extent an organization can work in a way that great enterprises do. The international researches used the operational model of industrial companies with permanently over average performance. A sociometric approach is part of the Diagnosis which provides information on the level of cooperation between the organizational units.


Human Negative Self-Interest

One of the common top-management dilemmas: How could we transform the lots of wasted energy used in internal conflicts to meet strategic goals? 

This report of Diagnosis helps to measure the rate of the wasted energy.


Engagement & Retention

The engaged employees are motivated, more likely good performers, increasing the reputation of the enterprise which helps recruiting and retaining good quality workforce. The discontent employees can increase the number of resigning staff. Based on geographical and industrial benchmarking the Diagnosis gives a detailed picture on employees’ engagement and on the efficiency of the extrinsic motivators used by the enterprise.


Time Management Diagnosis

This report from the Diagnosis measures the organizational
time management efficiency
from 4 main directions:

goals, priorities, conditions,

and time consuming acts.

Analysis Guide

Would You like to know the Analysis Guide
from a Sample Report of Enterprise Excellence Diagnosis?

Process of work

Process & Schedule

    You can participate anonymously:
    Via email, By phone, Paper-based By code

    Levels of reports and data analysis through computer:
    Group of Companies / Company / Organizational unit Team


    1 week



    2 weeks



    2-4 weeks


    Follow up

    Recommended annual re-measurement;

    Developements on demand

    1. Design phase  |  1 week

    Definition of the organizational size; determination of the size of the representative sample;

    Determination of the number of separate organizational units to be handled in separate reports; this is the base for internal benchmarking;

    Set up of the original dataset on the participants, indication of position (top management, middle-management, employee) and organizational unit besides the basic data;

    Top-management communication planning.

    2. Execution phase  |  2-4 weeks

    Online fill in of the questionnaire by the participants after getting a secure invitation in their personal e-mail box;

    In departments where the employees have no access to e-mail there is a possibility to perform the survey with the help of fully anonymous, paper-based questionnaires;

    The filled in papers will be digitalized.

    3. Evaluation, reporting phase  |  2 weeks

    The software generates the standard report format for the whole organization and for all separated units;

    Custom tailored interpretation of the results; presentation for the top-management.

    4. Follow up |  On demand

    The yearly repeated reporting gives the possibility to the management to monitor the organizational tendencies on enterprise level and between separate units and gives a benchmarking possibility in the geographical area, and in the industrial segment.

    In case of ongoing organizational development projects, it is recommended to execute a partial diagnosis (like Diagnosis of Greatness) more frequently (3-6 months) which will show the effectiveness of the project implementation.